Real Ales

Aside from our wonderful food, we take pride in being a real ale pub, and offer some fine drops to bend one’s elbow! Serving five real ales, we mix things up by taking in two guest ales each month. Our established three are a prime choice of Bass Pale Ale, local Jail Ale, and our own exclusive ‘Tungsten Tipple’.



…our very own EXCLUSIVE ale

Especially brewed for us by Dartmoor Brewery, ‘Tipple is a firm favourite with our locals and promises to quench ale lovers everywhere. ‘Prove your mettle with a Tungsten Tipple’ as they say…

A well stocked cellar and bar is essential to any real ale pubs or restaurants and here at The Miners Arms, we give you as wide a choice as possible. We know a good wine brings the best out in our food, so we always have a good selection on our list, including locally sourced wines.

From fruity whites and hearty reds to rosé pinks and fizz; we take our wines as seriously as our food, so you can always expect the grape to match the quality of your meal to get the perfect combination.


Our Drinks Menu


Jail Ale 4.8% ABV
Miners Arms Tungsten Tipple  4.4% ABV 
Bass 4.4% ABV 

We always have two Guest Ale’s

Just ask a member staff and we will let you know what we have on today

All Ales from 3.50 



J20 2.50
Small Water 1.75
Large Water 3.60
Ginger Beers 2.00
Appletiser 2.00
Elderflower Soft Drink 1.95
Fresh Orange 1.60
Red Bull/Monster  2.40
Coke/Diet Coke/Lemonade 1.90
Coke/Diet Coke Cans 1.60
Baby Juice 1.30
Baby Mixers 1.20
1/2 Pint Juice & Lemonade 1.60
Pint Juice & Lemonade 2.85
Fruit Shoot 1.50 


Campari 50ml 3.35
Cinzano 50ml 3.35
Dubonnet 50ml 3.35
Extra Dry 50ml  2.95 
Bianco 50ml 2.95
Rosso 50ml 2.95

Bottle Beer

Peroni 3.60
Budweiser 3.60
Corona 3.60
Smirnoff Ice/ WKD 3.70
Becks Blue 0.0% 3.00
Kopparberg 3.80

Draft Beer and Cider

Carling 4% ABV 3.60 1.85
Coors Light 4% ABV  3.60   1.85
Guinness Draught 4.1 % ABV 3.90 2.00
Kronenbourg 1664 5% ABV  3.85  2.00
Stella Artois 5% ABV 3.85 2.00
Thatcher's Gold 4.8% ABV 3.50 1.80
Thatcher's Dry 4.8% ABV 3.50 1.80
Rattler 6% ABV 3.85 2.00


Limoncello 25ml 3.00
Sambuca 25ml 3.00
Tequila 25ml  3.00
Galliano 25ml  3.00 
Aperol 25ml 3.00
Archer’s 25ml 3.10
Bailey’s 50ml 4.05 
Tia Maria 25ml  3.35 
Cointreau 25ml  3.35
Disarronno 25ml  3.35
Drambuie 25ml  3.60
Glayva 25ml  3.60
Grand Marnier 25ml  3.60
Jose Cuervo Tequila 25ml 3.35
Malibu 25ml 3.35
Pernod 25ml 3.35
Frangelico Liqueur 25ml 3.60

Tea & Coffee

Devon ground coffee 2.35
Espresso single 1.95
Dbl  3.20
Cappuccino 2.60
Latte 2.75
Add syrup- hazelnut, caramel, ginger bread 0.70
Breakfast tea/herbal tea 2.05
Lemon & ginger, blackcurrant-vanilla-ginseng, peppermint, camomile, earl grey, Green tea.
Liqueur coffee 2.50
plus Liqueur
Hot chocolate 2.95


Croft Original 50ml 3.00
Harvey's Bristol Cream 50ml 3.40
Tio Pepe 50ml 3.40


Gordon’s Gin 25ml 3.00
Plymouth Gin 25ml 3.30
Sloe Gin 25ml 3.35
Captain Morgan Rum 25ml 3.00
Woods’s Navy Rum 25ml 3.60
Bacardi Rum 25ml 3.00
Morgan Spice 25ml 3.00 

Whisky / Bourbon

Dalwhinnie 15 YR Old 25ml 3.35
Famous Grouse 25ml 3.20
Glenfiddich Special Reserve 25ml 4.05
Glenmorangie 10 YR Old 25ml 4.35
Highland Park 25ml 4.60
Lagavulin 16YR Old Single Malt 25ml 4.35
Laphroiag 10YR Old Single Malt 25ml  4.35
Macallan 10YR Old Single Malt 25ml  4.35
Smiths The Glenlivet 12 YR Old 25ml  4.35
Talisker 10 YR Old Single Malt 25ml  4.35
Jack Daniels 25ml 3.50
Southern Comfort 25ml 3.50
Jameson 25ml 3.50
Bells 25ml 3.00


Cockburn's Fine Ruby 50ml 3.75
Cockburn's Special Reserve 50ml 3.95
Taylor’s late bottled vintage 50ml 3.95
Taylor’s 20 year old Tawny port 50ml 5.00
Taylor’s Tawny fine port 50ml 4.25
Taylor’s chip dry white port 50ml 4.75



If you are lucky enough to look under 21. You will be asked to prove that you are over 18.

If you are under 18 you are committing an offence to buy alcohol at the table or bar.

We practice responsible alcohol retail on the premises and challenge 21.

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